Sunday, 8 March 2009

"hot" hair & camping goodness

on Friday's after dropping the kids at school i always catch up with the mums from school at Gloria Jeans and have coffee. Fridays has now become my day!
last Friday was no different except we had to leave coffee early because at 10am three of us were getting our hair done.
a few years back i got red foils put in, they were lovely but weren't as fiery as i hoped. well.......... i got them again and they are perfect. i love them. as Sam was blow drying my hair i sat there with this mammoth grin on my face - i looked like the Cheshire cat!
i rang Anthony straight after leaving the salon and explained my hair as "hot hair"
this is the new look........ and i LURVE it

Friday afternoon we headed up to soldiers point for our weekend away of testing out the camper.
we had a fabulous time and tomorrow morning we are booking in again for another couple of weekends there.
the park is on the tip of soldiers point and has it's own beach. around the corner is a boat ramp and next door is the yacht club and coffee shop. the park had heaps of cabins on the hill and the powered site were all by the water all under shade. there was a massive pool just perfect for all aged kids.
we sat around the camper Friday night after a few funny moments putting it up for the first time. we forgot to unzip the annex awing before winding the camper up all the way, so i had to put Anthony on my shoulders so he could unzip it! shanice took photos on her camera!
Saturday morning we woke to Connor coughing and he had a nasty throat - i thought was tonsillitis! GREAT!!!! mum, mandy and hunter arrived for the day at about 11am - just in time for coffee and ice cream. i needed to catch up on a weeks worth of aunty love.
trac and the kids arrived just after lunch. the kids were in their element! off at the pool then down at the beach and scooting around the park on their scooters and bikes.
connor was getting worse so we found out where to take him to see a doctor - nelson bay hospital was the only place available. and there we sat for nearly 1.5 hours for the doctor to see him for less than 30 seconds. no antibiotics yet - just panadol! great, i could have done that and saved the drive. but better off knowing than not!
we got some fabulous shots down by the beach at sunset.

this morning we rose to start packing up and come home.
we cant wait to go back up there again. next time we are getting a cabin for mum and mandy and are going to talk anthony's mum and dad into coming with us too. maybe next coffee friday i can talk the other mums from school to coming too.
here are a few of the piccies i took.........................

our camper - for some reason it looks very small here, lol

3 cheeky monkeys laying on the bed

putting up Trac's tent

scooting is not just for the kids apparently!

the beach

swimming - more like posing at the beach

mum and the grandkids

the 3 cousins

shanice - because she ASKED for me to take her photo

the 4 kids - felicity, shancie. alastair and connor


Princess Tamara said...

Check you out - gorgeous!

I LOVE that last photo of the kids - stunning babe, can't wait to see you scrap that!

sarahau said...

just blog surfing and I came accross your blog. I love that last photo with the four kids. Loving the hair as well, I had red streaks once as well, I forgotten about them