Sunday, 1 March 2009

play day & sleepovers

Yesterday, being Saturday, turned out to be a rather eventful day here at the sheppard-morris house.
Shanice went with Anthony down to Plumpton to pick up her new glasses.
she looks so grown up in them and they are just HER! her two favourite colours - Black & Red

Shanice had been invited over to her Bestie's house for a sleepover as they were going down to Canberra today for the day.
so i dropped her off around 11am before heading down to Tracy's for a play day and a good ol' fashioned "Cheer Up" day :) felt weird going to Trac's with only one child in tow.
the boys and fliss had a great day playing every electronic game they could get their hands on.
fliss came to the shops with us and helped me spend a fortune in the junk shop.
Trac needed some encouraging to drag out some scrapping stuff - well, not that much. We both made some cards. mine were for the LSBS 52 Pick Up challenges and trac's card is for a class for the Scrap Girls March retreat.
We did a bunch of chatting and laughing which is completely normal for us.

While making our cards, Fliss sat on the kitchen bench and made some Strawberry Baby Cakes all by herself. When it came to icing them Connor just had to help - and lick the spoon.

I mentioned to Trac after dinner that i could so go a Macca's chocolate super sundae. So trac made us an even better one
It was to DIE FOR!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..........................

Early this week i decided to join the LSBS 52 pick up challenge. I had been lurking since the start and umming and arrring, so i bit the bullet and just said YES!
i love the fact that it's all about using up old stash........ not about the latest and greatest.
I started with Challenge #7 to create a journal to keep all the challenges in and a picture of our finished creations.
This is mine.


Tash Allen said...

your journal looks awesome! so glad you could do some cheering up for our trace.. give her a big hug from all the LSBS DT girlies ;) love your cards too, they look great.

Tracy said...

Thanks for a FAB day Luvie ;) You always make me feel better with a visit!!! Huggs to you Mwah!!!
LOVE your cards, they are just so sweet and your journal is way too cute!!!
Those Sunday's were delicious weren't they :)
Trac x