Wednesday, 18 March 2009

growing up.........

so much has gone on in the past week that i just dont know where to start, so i'm just not going to do the whole blow by blow account of our week :)
instead i'm going to post about my beautiful bebe

Miss Shanice turned 10 last thursday. turning double digits was a BIG deal and needed a special celebration. She opted for a laptop as her present which meant she couldn't have a big party just a few friends to sleep over and lunch out with family and close family friends.
She had the best time

opening presents

the sleepover kaos

shanice, adelaide and brittney

the birthday cupcake and balloon topiary

blowing out the candles

just being shanice

my gorgeous little stunner

i've come to realise in the passing week that i no longer have my little girl anymore, she has grown up and become a tween. where has the time gone?
this week we have had a few significant growing up moments............
* Shanice turned 10
* she slept at her friends house and came home with a tattoo (it's a henna tattoo, but i reckon the day will come that she will try and sneak in with a real one - and who are we to judge as parents with many tattoos!)
* she got her hair cut. not huge but she told Rose the hairdresser exactly how she wanted it and i didn't interfere
* she got her eyebrows waxed - i know............... but both Anthony and i have a problem with the mono brow thing and both the kids inherited it, and shanice was being teased at school for it. Now they didn't shape them just waxed between them :)
* shanice has gone on her first school camp today for 3 days and 2 nights
now you can understand why i'm feeling a little lost.

Here are some pics that i took of her this morning.
looking not so impressed that i'm harassing for photos, but here is the new hair and new "2" eyebrows
being buggers
waving to me from inside the bus
bye my big girl. have an awesome time

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