Wednesday, 11 March 2009

under the weather

i think i might have picked up the bug the kids had over the weekend. i woke this morning feeling like i'd been hit by a bus.
my ears are ringing, my head is thumping, my throat is sore, my sinus is sore and i just feel like crap! i've taken tablets as soon as i got up and about but they haven't helped and of course today is my crazy day. i just want to curl up and sleep, but time waits for no man, so they say.
i have to:
* bind 42 booklets ready for next weekend
* write up 2 lots of class instructions
* send out another newsletter because i forgot half of the info yesterday
* do my father in laws accounts for the past 3 months
* do my own accounts
* make 40 huney jumbles for shanice's birthday tomorrow to take to school
* cook dinner before school get out
* take shanice to her after school lesson
* take shanice swimming
* get connor ready for karate

I'm exhausted thinking about it all and i dont think half of it is going to get done!

today is shanice's last day being in single digits - tomorrow my baby turns 10!
I'm so excited for her, it's going to be the best day. better make sure the camera's battery is fully charged

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Oh huney that is so not good!!! I hope you are feeling better real soon, big huggs to you!!!

Oh crap I forgot... Class instructions will be done by this evening Luvie, sorry :(
Off to stand in the norty corner ;)