Monday, 7 April 2008


well........ i'm back from our Scrap Girls Retreat.
what a great weekend. i had such an excellent time with such a great bunch of ladies. i'm hoping they had an awesome time like me and got more scrapping done than me, lol. that wouldn't be hard as all i did was finish off my trading cards! all 9 of them, lol.
Mandy did a fabo job of cooking again. i think she may even have it down pat by now. but unfortunately she wont be able to come again for a while as I HAVE A HUGE SECRET SUPRIZE!!!!!!!
i've had both the kids home with me today as they were both snuffly with the flu and i thought it was a good day to have a home day with mum. i did have to pop into school this afternoon as i had a parent/teacher interview with Shanice's teacher. i had a proud mummy moment as her teacher told me she was an excellent student who finishes her work and gets a book to read from her under desk and reads that rather than distract the other students and fidget while waiting - yay, i've done something right! i explained to mrs gordan about shanice be severly dyslexic and that the said that explains why she is slightly under where she expects the year 4 kids to be at with their reading and writing (paragraphs and sentances lengths) skills. I am so proud of my baby. she is a confident little girl who has a huge hurdle to deal with for the rest of her life.

tomorrow i have a plan........
1. to put away the couple of boxes that are left from the retreat
2. go thru all my girl guide stuff so i can give it all back (and reuse the pink box for scrap girls goodies)
3. run some errands and go to clive peters and print the photos from the weekend
and 4. update my blog with a months worth of pictures

dont forget when stopping by to leave a message, i'd love to find out that i'm not the only person reading my blog, lol!!!!!


Belinda Howlett said...

WHAT secret/surprise!!!????
I always read!!! So I am leaving you a comment to prove it

Cath @ LSBS said...

I am here... I read...
I think I know.. :)

Granniebea said...

Thank you for a great week end.I hab heaps of fun and the meals where great.Looking forward to the next one.

Tracy said...

Wish I could have stayed the weekend, but my kids and their social lives!!!
Anyhow it was great to be able to pop up for a bit and say "hi".
And what a wonderful secret/surprise it is!!! LOL
I have visited, I have read, I am leaving a message :)
Take Care Sweet
Trac x

nicrus said...

Best retreat yet Kylie! What a cack some of those ladies are.

I'll just leave you with this thought.... 'Get Over It!'

You are amazing Kylie.