Thursday, 10 April 2008

new toys

the sheppard-morris's are sooooooo doing their part to boost the economy, which probably isn't helping the inflation rate - sorry bout that!
yesterday Anthony met me at the shops so we could have a bit of lunch and he could give me money for shanice's lesson.well, while we were there i mentioned that connor has been reading these Zac Power novels and has finished 2 over the weekend and that Kmart has the other 8 we are missing. so off we go to kmart to get the books, we also bought anthony a book, shanice a book, and 4 dvd's (yes i know i work in a video shop, lol).
we got some lunch and remembered that we needed a new, cheap and really small dvd player for our bedroom as ours broke the night before, so we had to go past jb hi-fi on the way out so we picked up a $90 player for only $50 - bargain!

i saw 2 printers i wanted and mentioned them to Anthony. so after work we went back and bought me them - YAY!!!!!
The all in one was reduced from $280 down to $120 - bonus and the laser jet (which is what i need for Scrap Girls as it's so much cheaper to print off bulk) was a brand new one in stock as the display one's had all gone and the guy gave it to us for the same sale price as the old one $100 - DOUBLE BONUS. the new ink jet has 6 ink cartridges which is great.

I am so happy with my new toys.

i have another new toy on it way too. this one is rather on the large side.
probably wont be ready till june/july. and i am soooooo looking forward to playing with it.
it has all the options i wanted, except a dvd player for the kids but we can put that in later.

this is the 4x4 model, mine will be only the 2x4 and mine will have a hard, lockable tonneau.
i decided against the Tritton which is what i desperately wanted cause it looks pretty and comes in this pretty blue colour - it's a girl thing! i'd have to get no extra's on the tritton but with the ranger i can get all the extras i want cause we will be buying 3 (one for me, one for anthony and one for micheal f-i-l)
i soooooo excited. after years and years of waiting and hard work things are starting to finally go right for us.

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