Friday, 25 April 2008


we didn't do too much today to celebrate Anzac day, but we did stop and remember.
I love explaining the meaning of anzac day to the kids each year it give me such a good feeling of pride.

Mum and Mandy came over for lunch today. They came with pressies too. Connor got 3 new bionicles and shanice got a new doll (a series of dolls she has been collecting). So we spent some time building anf playing. We ate cupcakes and blueberry muffins with our coffee (coke in my case and lime, lime and bitters in mandys).
The kids had an MCR (My Chemical Romance) party to go to at 3pm, so we decided to get dressed an hour before hand so we had time to do spray their hair black and do their faces. Since it was a but of a goth party i went and got all black make up yesterday and pale foundation. The kids looked unreal, then they looked in the mirror and started crying cause they were scared! God bless 'em! so we wiped the heaviness off and re-did their foundation and a little bit on their eyes.
Mum and Mandy left when i took the kids to the party. They were invited to sleep over so i packed them some clothes and a sleeping bag. So far so good, i've had no phone calls to come and pick them up yet.
Anthony and i have watched 2 movies together this afternoon. This never, ever happens. we watched "Death at a Funeral" which was hilarious, then we watched "1408" and it was great. Really spooky but not scary until right at the end when i screamed, lol. Both are a definite watch. I said thanks to anthony, and i've now ventured into the backroom to sew a few more bags while the place it quiet.

Here are a few pics of our day today.
on the scrapping front.... nothing since tuesdays creations BUT i have had sooooo many ideas racing around that i've written them down and even started pre-planning them with photos, papers, embellies and such like. I'm loving having all this creativeness come back, cause it's been gone so long!
I'm off on a scrap night down to Alison J's house tomorrow night which i'm looking forward too. we're discussing some very exciting things that i will be able to announce very soon.

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