Wednesday, 23 April 2008

feeling blah!

i think it is the beinging of the flu or it could be that we have had 11 days of rain in a row and the kids are starting to climb the walls. considering they have been great.
today i told them after swimming that we were to come home and clean bedrooms. connor, bless his little cotton socks, pulled out everything from his waredrobe because he has 3 pairs of thongs and we could only find 1 from each pair. so he went thru everything and yes he did find the missing 3 things! at least now the wardrobe door shuts.

i had a massive order arrive that took 2 hours to sort. i think that was mainly cause my head was feeling pretty nasty and i had to count everything twice. the kits for the July retreat are almost finished and looking rather chunky! i had to go and buy bigger storage containers and rearrange the shelving until for them.

speaking of July, i counted my customer listing today (i'm behind on the paper work, i know) and we have only 13 spots left - WOOO HOOOO!!!!! i'm so pleased with that result. Plus my first ad is coming out in scrapbooking memories the month before too, so hopefully, fingers crossed it will sell out.
what else is new - plenty, lol.
over the school holidays we've had scrapping days at Nic's. Thanks nic for putting up with my noisy kids, lol. Did you eat all that bacon???? Both tuesdays were considered school holiday scrap days, i did consider wearing my pj's but the jeans were looking just as comfy.
here are my efforts....... not bad considering the talking and procrastination i was doing.

The Brown Eyed Girl lo i hand stitched the bottom and top edges - and i am sooooo not a sewer!
The "two of a kind" lo, i took a page out of Nic's book and decided to only use up scraps. The only full piece was the background cardstock. I felt so good after completely that lo, just because it was all made from small scraps that i could justify throwing away.
I've been making bags! No photos yet as the camera's batteries died yesterday and i forgot to put them on charge. Last week when i was up at mums i saw in a magazine this cute little fabric bag that goes over your arm while you're knitting to hold your wool so it doesn't get tangled. I thought to myself i could make some of these for the kids school fair coming up in september, and some for the mother's day stall. My problem was i'm not a sewer and couldn't really come up with a good pattern and try and think of the best way possible to sew it all together so it didn't look crap. Insert gorgeous friend HERE______! I was headed down to tracy's house for our school holiday get together and thought she's a fantastic/genius sewer, she can help, lol. Well, she did and helped me create the pattern and together we came up with the best way to sew it - she sewed i talked! So sunday was another trip to spotlight to get more fabric (cause apparently i didn't buy enough on friday) and i then sat and cut out 13 bags ready to sew.
Trac came up on tuesday to collect Felicity as she stayed with us for a few days, and sewed some more for me, lol. told you i'm not a sewer!
i suppose i should be getting my butt off to bed and getting some rest so this yuckiness doesn't turn into a full blow cold. i have more to share about the school holidays, so i will be back again tomorrow - stay tuned


Tracy said...

Told you to put them darn batteries on charge!!! LOL
Glad you found the missing thongs.
It must have been the day for it coz I am feeling like crap too, must be the germs doing the rounds yet again.
We had a lovely day on Tuesday as always, and thanks to you I have the sewing bug :) So I will sew and you can come do all my scrapping.
Love the layouts Kyls really cute.
Chat soon
Trac x

Anthea said...

great LOs Kylie!!! looking forward to the retreat too! bit nervous actually!!! LOL