Thursday, 24 April 2008


i think this is for my own little record so i dont forget..... so feel free just to skim, i wont be offended, lol.

Saturday 12th April - i went up to mums for the weekend. The four of us - Me, mum, mandy and connor went down to Mooney Mooney workers club for lunch and it was divine! After lunch mandy and i took connor to hornsby to get a few things while we let mum have 5 minutes. I got another charm for my pandora necklace - the silver ball with a gold crown, cause i'm a princess! That night i was going out to dinner with my girlfriends from school, dallas rang so we could meet up at the club for a drink before dinner at Thai Tables. I love these girls, they all know me so well, sometimes better than i know myself which is dead set scary.

Sunday 13th April - Mandy had invited her friend Tash over for lunch. Tash was bringing hubby Richard but as he'd be the only male he'd probably feel left out, so Natasha's mum came instead. They are such a lovely family and we all have so much in common. I know why Mandy has such a good friend in Tash!

Monday 14th April - home day. Gotta love that!

Tuesday 15th April - Scrappy day at Nic's. Me and the kids spent the whole day at nicole's. I brought over a massive quiche for lunch which was very noice! I think i spent more time chatting, but i semi finished one layout.

Wednesday 15th April - because shanice was home sick the week before, i went to work so i wasn't too far behind money wise. mum had the kids for me cause we were going to spend the next couple of days up there. Sharon invited us over for dinner, cause she moved in next door to mum's which is handy for the kids just to run next door to play.

Thursday 16th April - we were invited over to Dal's for our school holiday catch up and lunch, mum included which was so nice. It's normally just me and the kids, tanya and amber. unfortunately amber couldn't come along this time but melissa and her 2 girls Jessica and Mia came which was great. I haven't seen jessica since she was about 6 months old and i've never met mia. the 6 kids all played really we together doing lots of craft, playdoh and creative playing. I lurve lunch at Dal's! she always puts on the most amazing spead.

makayla and shancie

Friday 17th April - rain, down pours and all we headed off to the reptile park at gosford again. we love having the yearly pass. because of the bad weather the kids really couldn't run off and do their own thing and they had to stay with us. it poured all the way up but for the 3 hours we were there, there was not one drop! i suprized by the amount of people there even with the bad weather.
for lunch we headed up to tugerah cause mum wanted to look for a new plasma tv. i think we spent another 3 hours in the home centre! spotlight was the first stop where i bought the first lost of fabric to make the little knitting bags, then we headed to bing lee to check out the tv's. being girls we dont know much about them and it was rather funny. the only question we knew to ask was if it needed to have a separate set top box to receive HD - inpressive, considering. we chose one that wasn't huge as it's only going in the sitting room, and it was a good reputable brand. next stop bunnings - DANGER!!!!! we love bunnings, lol. the kids ended up with these trolley things and of course mum had to have one in adult size. i got 3 flexiable baskets in lime green, then we realise - CRAP! we still have to get the tv in the back of the Forester!. So the kids had their trolleys between their legs and mums on the seat between them - the funniest sight.
Saturday 18th April - I needed a tracy fix and because trac came back from her holiday early i was able to go for a visit earlier than planned - YAY!!!! Anthony was down the farm and was coming home that night so i told him to stop in on his way past so i could pull mu finger out and make sure i was home early. well, anthony shows up and say's "let's stay for dinner", lol. i live spending time down and tracy's. i wish she lived across the road or i lived in the house behind her that keeps coming up for sale, but it would take a shit load of convincing to get anthony to come around to that one! As i mentioned in yesterdays post Trac helped me with constructing a pattern for my little knitting bags - so we did do something and not just chat.
Sunday 19th April - Flissy came home with us last night to stay for a few days. i was hoping that sunday was going to be a home day, well the morning started out that way. i managed to do some online shopping which i never do. i was watching some old duran duran video clips on the tv and remided me of a movie that mandy and used to love as kids so i jumped on the net to see if i could find it - well amazon does! so i added it to my cart and then looked at a few kore oldies i loved, then anthony comes in and order season 1,2 & 3 of "What's new Scooby Doo", i think it's for him not the kids, lol. Well that is how to spend $180 without trying, lol.
i did need to go grocery shopping and i wanted to go back to spotlight and buy more fabric and anthony needed to go to super cheap auto to get some bits for the mini. we started at spotlight where i spent way too much money, then while we were in the centre there was a Rivers outlet centre, so anthony got a jacket, all 3 kids got gorgeous ugg boots, connor got a beautiful pair of dress sneakers. everything was real cheap, so scored some great bargains. well, that was the most excitement for the day.
Monday 20th April - connor started his swimming lessons this morning. so while he did his lesson the 2 girls got to have a play in the pools. we stayed after connors lesson too as we had no plans for the day. bout time, another home day.
Tuesday 21st April - another swimming lesson, and the 2 girls played while the lesson was going on. after that was tuesday scrappin at nic's. trac met me there for a little scrap time. 6 screaming kids cooped up inside cause it was raining is not ideal scrapping atmospear, but it was still fun. Trac came back over after to have dinner with us and pick up all of miss fliss's belongings. trac sewed a few bags for me while i talked, lol.
Wednesday 22nd April - swimming again. as we had no plans for the day i let the kids have a long swim after the lesson - i was really enjoying my book and didn't want to put it down, lol. I came home and wanted to accomplish so many things but i was feeling a bit fluy and every time i sat in my chair i fell asleep. i must have done it twice before anthony came home. when anthony did come home i did dinner sat in my chair and fell into the deepest sleep. i went to bed till about 9.30pm and got up for a little while, cause it would drive me nuts to wake in the middle of night instead.
And TOADY - Thursday 23rd April - our last day of swimming. while i was sitting there at swimming reading my book trac rang. Fliss had left her favourite bear at our house, and i know what that is like. so trac was going to mac square at campbletown which is about half way, so we met her there. i had to get a birthday present for the kids for tomorrow and some make up for the dress up party. let me just say it was a tiring day. 11 days of rain has taken it's toll on the 4 kids and they are getting a bit hypo.
i got home and anthony wanted to go down and get a few things from plumpton which was fine, but i went to pay for some rhinestones and brads when i realized i'd lost $50 - i was spewing!
so that's me up to date....... congratulations if you got this far!

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Tracy said...

Geez you've had a busy holidays, but it was great spending time with you guys as always.
The natives were a bit restless yesterday weren't they, lol... Bugger the bad weather keeping them inside all the time.
Hopefully your $50 will come back to you ten fold in another way.
Have a lovely family day today.
Trac x