Wednesday, 9 April 2008

sick kids and scrapping mojo

here i am, suppose to be at work today, but shanice is sick again!
she work early this morning barking her head off, complaining of a really sore throat and running a high temp. so i quickly rang mum as i was to open the shop this morning and good ol mum came to my rescue again and is working for me so shanice can stay at home rather me take her out in the cold to let mum have her for the day.
both shanice and connor had monday off as they were both sniffing, sneezing and looking awful. i think i was having a guilty mummy moment being away from them for 4 days. so we had a home day, which was really nice.

on a different note i think my scrapping mojo has returned! all that inspiration from the weekend has brought back my own creativity which i thought i'd lost.
now i'm a bit of a procrastinator so for me to create just one layout will take days of preparation, lol. so yesterday i went and got almost 500 photos printed at Clive Peter's (15c a print!!! YAY), i spent last night putting them in order of events and when they were taken, all i have to do today is bag them up and put them in a photo box. i think seeing all those new photos with the possibility of scrapping has also helped bring back the mojo. i've been dieing to scrap the photos from our week away at Smiths Lake back in December - yes i'm that far behind in printing my pics.

thank you to all of you that left me a message. i was starting to think i was the only one reading my own blog - commit me now! LOL.

now for all those pics i've been promising.
i've done them in collages to save some room. there is pics from Shanice's 9th birthday, Easter and the Scrap Girls Cropfest from last weekend.

thanks for dropping by.


granniebea said...

Love the collage of the crop.The photos of you and Mandy are beautiful, you must have had a good photographer,lol

nicrus said...

I love the fact that I feature so highly in the collage of photos from the crop! Stunning! However, my fav. photo is of Belle in mid skip... that's tops!

Glad your scrappin' mojo has returned Kylie... it's time to get busy with it!