Friday, 18 May 2007

unfortunately.....not a lotto win

You'd think we did win lotto for all the money we splashed around yesterday, which is sooooo not me.

We had decided a long while ago that we would get a Playstation 3 when they became available in Australia. I can hear a lot of family members yelling at me "Why? when you already have 2 ps2's and 2 ps1's?????". Anthony can prattle off all the benefits, not me, lol. All i worked out was that 1 playstation 3 is only 10 months worth of foxtel probably less for us as we'd have to get satelite as cable stops at the start of my street - go figure!

the kids had been bugging us for a psp each since last August when my cousin came out from england. they had 2 and the kids just lurved them. plus there are a whole heap more benefits to them than the nintendo ds -it can play movies, take photos, music, games, links with the playstation 3 and is just a lot more better value. Plus i love it!!!!!!!
Connor has already save $300 for his and Shanice is half way there. We said if they want them they had to buy them.

So ant and i trotted off the Domain yesterday to spend up big. We not only got the 3 consols but 3 psp games, psp covers, psp cases, 4gig memory card for psp, 2 playstation 3 games and a blueray movie. there's probably more but my brain has fried from all that technology that 1 so dont understand, lol.

Needless to say there are 3 very spoilt children in my house. did i hear you all ask what i got? yep that would be a big fat zero, lol. but watching the kids faces was enough for me. such a typical mum thing to say.

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Belinda Howlett said...

HEy Kylie, you can sell your little people stuff to me so you can buy MORE PSP stuff