Monday, 14 May 2007

a belated mum's day......

I had such a lovely mother's day yesterday.
I got completely spoilt rotten, which was just fabulous. The best presents in the world i reckon are the ones that my kids pick especially for me from the mothers day stall at school. These items are so cherished. My mum still has a mug that i bought for her when i was in about year 2. So i think i've picked up that trait from her.
Just so i don't forget what i got :
* Merose Place Season 2 box set
* Beverly Hills 90210 Season 2 box set
- i know, both extremely corning but i lurve them, lol
* A knitted scarf from Shanice
* A clam basket with soaps from Connor
* A pink watch, pink notebook and pink pen from Ant (i'm not his mum but was a lovely gesture)
* A scrummy to die for Cupcake 2 tier cake stand with yummy cadbury chocolate cupcakes (made by mandy and shanice) from my sister Mandy. Now i have to do high tea apparently
* A very cute teacup with coaster and a lovely card for "Daughters Day" from my mum
* A bottle of Elizabeth Arden Spiced green Tea perfume from the kids from my mother in law, Pat.

soooooo spoilt......................

My mum and Pat (mother in law) both lurved their handmade paddle pop stick letter holders made by the kids. We even made a special one for Nay (mandy) because she's special too. And i made both mum and pat an altered clock, which i should have taken photos of, they look great, pity they don't hold time properly, lol.

We went up to mums first thing in the morning as Ant was going to help mum take a trailer load os rubbish to the tip. Mandy put her hand up too and wanted stuff taken. While he was doing that mum and i took connor down to the hospital to visit dad. Dad loved it that connor came down. Connor was a little shy as it is a lot for a 6 year to take in.
When we got home mandy came round with shanice for and it was time for presents - YAY!!!!
Anthony and i then did a round trip to the tip with the ute and loaded trailer and we got back just in time for a late lunch. Mandy had cooked a yummy roast dinner.
Had to fly from mums as we were due at my in laws at 5pm to go across the club for dinner. Well, we were all stuffed so it was only a plate a wedges for me that i so couldn't finish.
It turned out to be a very busy day and the kids were shattered when they crawled into bed.

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