Tuesday, 22 May 2007

feeling yuk!

so on friday night i went scrapping at Sue's which was just what i needed. I managed to complete 2 layouts which i'm pretty happy with. I'm just loving the Junkitz extreme boy range, right up my alley you could say.
Sue also asked me to do a special little project with her too, but can't say anymore on that one till i know more, lol.

the rest of my weekend went to crap after that. i was on a huge emotional rollercoater ride which even now i feel like i'm still on. i think it's a build up of not dealling with things i have to and trying to protect my kids from those feelings. it's been just awful. and poor anthony copped the brunt of it all. they always say you hurt the ones you love!
in the midst of all this we had a visitor for the weekend, "HERMIE" the 3s class pet. that's right shanice got to bring home her classes hermit crab . we've never had to look after a school pet before so this was very exciting for us all. he lived out on the dining room table as this is a really warm spot for him. i have pictures to share, but had just realised that my camera batteries need charging before i can download them.
so that's me all up to speed, i think. i was supposed to go up to mum and dads for dinner tonight with the kids, but mu morning got thrown into chaos and got me all flustered for the rest of the day, so i rang mum and said it probably wouldn't be such a great idea as i'm a little bit "tooshy" as the kids like to put it, lol.
i've spent some time today looking at the yummy new goodies at Aussie Scrap Sourse and trying to plan a huge kit for our Christmas in July Retreat. soooo many products and not enough time, lol.
Sheree has also just informed me that she has gone back to Blogger, cause it's free! hellloooo girlie why do you think i use it, lol. so i've updated my side bar for you sweet.
well, it's off to cook steak sandwiches for dinner - yummmmmmm

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Tracy said...

Sending you big (((((HUGGS))))) sweet, hang in there my friend.
Love the LO's you have done, those papers are perfect!!! That is such a rad photo of the boys ;) and of Mr Connor also, the cool little dude!!!
See you Tuesday
Trac x