Thursday, 31 May 2007

a layout and THANKS!!!!!

last night i went to Scrapabout at Parramatta for my monthly does of fun scrapping - YAY!!!! Sheree and i go each and every month. I don;t get a lot of scrapping done in the 2 hours but i so enjoy the social side, lol.
Alison sprung a challenge on us this month, and will do each month from now on, which is just what i need atm. This month was to scrap a A4 photo on a 8.5X11" lo (btw, the class is 8.5X11").
This is my end result.

i'm soooooo lovely those Daisy D's rub on's, they were gorgeous to use and look at the size of the heart one! I also tried to use up some pp i've had for a while and was saving them!

i also want to say a HUGE thank you to all those ladies that have left messages, emailed me and personally spoke to me about that issue.
your support has put my faith back into this wonderful industry. THANK YOU!
for an update....... after many hours this week reading and discussing where i stand in the eyes of the law (copyright law that is), i am in the process of emailing the particular people involved and if it's not removed i will take it further. lets hope it gets removed, as i am so hating doing this it is not in my nature to be the aggressor.

so stay tuned for updates, lol.


sheree said...

good luck hon i hope that those people do do the right thing if they have any consicene at all they will... let me know how you go...see you on sunday..

Alison Jeremijczyk said...

Kylie that page is stunning!!!!
Stand your digs hon, as hard as that is, you've worked hard to set up Scrap Girls, and deserve that to be recognised!!