Sunday, 27 May 2007

i've never been sooooo angry

last night turned out to be the WORST night!!!
I did a bit of surfing around on the net while i really should have been studying for my first aid course (btw I PASSED, cheering) and i can across a competitors website and had a little read of what exciting things they get up to on their retreats.

and then it happened.......... i starting having heart palpitations and i could barely breathe, then the profanities came flying out of my mouth left right and centre. Poor sheree coped and absolute ear bashing (thanks sheree, luv ya!), and then she started on the soapbox with me.

i came across a particular button on this website and decided to have a little look. now i'm not nosing around to spy on what other retreat places do, i have my own ideas and soooooo don;t need to steal other peoples original ideas, i have my own system in play and that's how i run my retreats. enough said on that.
i was reading and i thought to myself "gee that sounds similar to what i have on my page", so i went and opened another window to compare and low and behold it was the same only with 1 word changed. sooooooooooooo there it started and it got 1000 times worse. THEY HAD COPIED 5 ENTIRE PAGES FROM MY WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spelling mistakes and all
i give them points for trying though, they did change my name to theirs, so there was some thought put into what they were doing.

to say i was livid was an understatement. i was like a mad woman i was that angry, and upset at the same time. i felt like someone had come into my home while i was still in it and robbed me, i feel so violated that someone could do that to me. how dare they steal my hard work and pass it off as their own.
hang on, i'm about to get on my soapbox again and pull it pieces, but i'm better than that.

that's enough venting for one night, hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.


sheree said...

oh you know im always here for you girly if you need to vent... I hope that this all gets sorted out for you... dont know how anyone could do this to another person...
luv ya will all be good soon

big hugs

Belinda Howlett said...

OH!!! i sure will want to go away with them!!! DO they ring you half way through their retreat and ask for advice!!!! It is a small world and why wwould you doit as everybody KNOWS everbody and they would come undone at some point.
lowest of the lows

Alison Jeremijczyk said...

OMG!!!! That's SO dodgy!!!

Tracy said...

You know what luvie??? They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, YOU are the BEST and they want to try and be like you.... BUT ya know what..there's no way in hell they could be as good as YOU!!! No prizes for second place!!!
ScrapGirls Retreats are the BESTEST ever!!!!!!
Chin up :) They will come unstuck
Trac x

Alison Shearer said...

You know what I think of is unbelievable!!!! Fate...I believe in fate...this will come back and bite their arses big time. Mark my words!