Monday, 16 April 2007

whirlwind weekend

i think this weekend has past me by in a blur.......
friday day the kids and i hung out at home. the house looked like a bomb had gone off cause the timber had arrived to build the shelves and they were stacked everywhere in the house. we had christopher here so that kept the kids occupied. after lunch sheree and kaitlyn came over for a visit and i could resist snapping pictures of connor and kaitlyn with there missing teeth and of course we couldn't leave out shanice

friday night sheree and i went a Stampin Up party at Belinda's. i said to myself i have NO money so don;t buy anything, but there was a set of stamps there just screaming at me "BUY ME"!!!!! they are gorgeous and i reckon that the stamper in me will come out with these stamp, lol. who am i kidding, i know damn well they will sit in the box and never be used, but i will give it a go.
saturday brought on the start of the mammoth exercise of building floor to ceiling 600mm wide shelving unit to go the length of the playroom (double garage width). Ant reckoned it would all be up in a day and i said no way, i was right ha! the frame work was all put together and in place and all that needed to down sunday was secure it to the wall and put the mdf sheets down on the shelves - too easy.
it has just occurred to me that i haven't taken any pictures of the monstrosity, so that is on my to do list for tomorrow.
Sunday was Alastair and Felicity's 7th birthday party. What a great day. that kids all had fun playing and running around like mad children in Tracy's massive yard and i get to relax cause the kids don't want me for a few hours. We stayed after the party and had dinner and watch fliss and alastair open all their presents which was really lovely.

i'm hoping to catch up again this week with trac as with all the kids chaos you really don't get a chance to have a sit and a chat.
on the scrapping front, i've been busy creating lo's for my May DT technique for scraploot. cant reveal anything right now cause it's not may yet!!!!!! but i've been loving what i'm doing and hopfully when i can find some more of my scrapping stuff under this mess in the playroom i can get some more finished. So keep you eyes peeled for my mat dt technique.

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Princess Tamara said...

Hey Kylie, make sure you bring your stamps to the retreat ... if nothing else, I'll have my rubber scissors there and we can get them mounted for you! Which ones did you get?