Sunday, 1 April 2007

pure madness....

WHAT was i thinking???????????
Shanice and i just arrived home this afternoon from a crazy weekend. We had a guide camp. i said after the one we organized last year - never again, and yet i did, lol.
it was a lot smoother this year and the girls didn't seem to drive me as crazy, i think i'm just used to them all now after being their leader for 2 years.
we had a few interesting monents like the snake this morning that totally freaked poor Paris out, and the indoor campfire roasting marshmallows over tealights.
it was an awful lot of preparation, but it was worth it cause every single girl said they had a great time and that's what it's all about.

i did get a phone call early this morning from ny boys, they went and spent the weekend down the farm. connor's second tooth came out. he was so excited that the tooth fairy was coming again so quickly. he's only just taken the $2 out of the tooth box that she left last visit.
he's so proud of his toothless grin. and in typical sheppard-morris fashion, school photos are the second week back next term, so i doubt he'll have his big teeth come all the way through by them.

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