Sunday, 8 April 2007

happy, happy EASTER

hope the easter bunny brought lots of love and chocolate to you all
Saturday morning me and kids had to write a special little note to the Easter Bunny to he could find us at Nan and Grandads :) It was too cute. we left them in the middle of the lougne room.
The kids and i headed off to Pancakes on the Rocks at Northmead for breakfast with the girls, which is always fun. we normally don't take the kids, but because i was on my way up to my parents for easter it was just easier to take them rather than after breakfast which normally finishes at lunch time, i'd have to go back home to get them.
good news on the breakfast front:
* Skye is engaged
* Amber's bub is due on the 17th August
* Dal brought Abby (2 and a half months) who is just a perfect lil baby
* Emma's house plans are getting there - poor emma
* Tanya has house guests
* that leaves me and i'm still the same, lol

After a scrummy pancake breakie we headed up to mum and dads for the night. we were actually staying at my sister's around the corner, just in case the kids get too noisy for dad, and lets face it they are super noisy.
dad was pretty good considering. he had his perky moments and we could have a little joke which was good. the kids gave him extra big cuddles which makes me want to cry everytime.

i'm pretty sure shanice and mandy got up about 6am this morning, i could hear them chatting away to toffee (the cat) in the lounge room. connor rose about 40minutes after. and me - well i got up when they all left and had a shower and headed round to mum and dads. i got there at 7.58am which is a miracle, me up before 8am, lol.
the kids thought it was wonderful having so many easter chocolates from the easter bunny and then a huge cooked breakie and a special easter egg hunt. mandy and ben were in charge of the hunt, which made for some interestingly hidden eggs, for example hung from a rope, in windchimes, in the lattice, trees, windmills ect. i raced around like a mad woman taking photos of the hiding places.

blogger is having issues atm, so i will upload some pics tomorrow.

connor has now decided he liked staying at aunty nays and uncle bens he invited himself to stay again tonight. shanice came home with anothong and i and we've watched some really old but goodies girlie movies. well it's great weather for dvd's. i've been informed that connor has spent the afternoon with uncle ben building a model helicopter of his own, and i can't wait to see it tomorrow.

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