Sunday, 22 April 2007

no more scallops

I have just been looking thru my 2007 and late 2006 layouts and i can see a distinct pattern emerging........... SCALLOPED EDGES. I kind you not on every single page, and if it's not scalloped it's a wavy edge.
i think i'm going to have to change that in my next few layouts.

speaking of which....... i had a great time on friday night. I went to Sue's for a late night scrap. i got 1 page completely finished and finished another i started a few days before. purchased myself yet another 7 gypsies stamp (this makes no.6) and some gorgeous new Junkitz salsa celebration pp which i've been waiting for and i couldn't resist the new Junkitz extreme boy papers, connor loves them and thinks he can use them - NO!!!!!

before i went out scrapping for the night, Trac came up for a visit. it was great to sit around and chat cause we couldn't get to do much of that at the twins birthday party.
we took some photos out the back of the 4 kids, but it is impossible to get them all looking at once, lol.
we had a busy day on saturday with birthday parties and sleepovers and then having kids come home from sleepovers as they both got home sick. it is far too cute and i'm never going to knock my kids for being homesick EVER, im so pleased that they love me that much!
and today i was working :( boring!!!!!!!
tomorrow brings back some normality back to the crazy sheppard-morris house as school goes back. which will be great for us all as i'm in need of some quiet and the kids are missing their school friends and teachers, which is too sweet.
so that's me, off to pack school lunches and get winter uniforms out ready for the morning rush. god! i hope their uniforms still fit them............

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