Friday, 16 March 2007

stuck in a rut

i'm in a serious scrapping rut at the moment.
i think about scrapping almost constintally when i'm at home but can't get around to do it and would much prefer to sit and watch tv and do my knitting (btw, i have knitting before it because oh so popular all of a sudden, lol). i'm just making squares to make blankets. i saw a thing on better homes and gardens a few years to sew squares a certain size and then they are all swen together by a group of ladies who give them to the homeless and i thought this was a really nice idea, so hence the reason i knit squares.
anyway, but to my scrapping rut.......... i've done about 8 or so layout lately and i have this grand idea in my head of how i want it to turn out and then...... it all turns to crap! i kid you not all my layouts recently have been utter crap. so bad so that i haven't scanned them at all (i always scran them after i finish them so then i have a record of how many i did each year - this is the anal virgo coming out in me).
i've really been wanting to finish my edm album. i don't want to enter the competition it's just that i've started it and i would really like to finish it. i don;t think i've ever actually finished an album i started. that's probably why i feel like there crap!
there's my bitch and whinge for the day. off to go and tackle another lo!

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