Friday, 9 March 2007

swimming carnival fun

connor had a wonderful time at his swimming carnival on wednesday. it was just 3 hours of novelty races and then the kids with parents could go home, so that was a nice surprise.
connor, being connor, who can swim really well came last in each little race they did because he wanted to stay in the water the longest - fair enough!
they weren't really races i suppose more like water activities. then before home time (lunch time) they had free swimming time which they all loved. i do believe that my connor spent that entire free time under the water which made it really hard for me to keep finding him, lol.
you can't half tell that the photo on the end in the top row is connor saying "mum please don't take any more photos" lol - too cute and so not a connor face!
he has now decided after a 8 month break that he'd like to go back to swimming lessons, so i'm going to get him assessed next week and he'll start back in term 2. thank goodness for indoor pools! shanice i don't think wants to do lessons, but we'll see how she goes after connor goes back, she'll no doubt want to copy.
i spoke to shanice's teacher the other day and shanice apparently did really well in maths. they had another teacher come in for the subject and shanice was the only child that got it! i am so proud of her, i keep telling her every morning and night how proud i am that she has got it. she is a really smart kid, just has this dyslexia in her way and has to learn other ways to be taught this so she gets it.
i've spent this morning shopping and cleaning ready for 6 screaming 8 year olds coming over for a slumber party for shanice's birthday. looks like i'm in for a fun evening.

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