Monday, 12 March 2007

happy 8th birthday bebe

it's my big girls 8th birthday today - HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANICE

we have had a wonderful weekend of celebrating her birthday. it all started with the sleepover, remid me not to do this again! lol. 5 screaming 8 year olds plus connor, you can just picture it. all they did friday night was squeal the place down, thank god sheree was here to keep me from going insane, thanks sheree!
the girls did say it was the best sleepover ever so i'm guessing they all had a great time.

sunday we went to mandy's for a family birthday bbq. it was so good, dad came around for an hour and a half which was just fantastic. dad has also learnt a new trick which was just hysterical, the arm he can't move very well, he can now if he consentrates hard enough can stick his middle finger up at us all, at least he hasn't lost his sense of humor, lol, cheeky bugger!
shanice was spoilt rotten, which is just normal. she now has that many clothes, which is what she asked everyone for, that i wont have to buy any till next summer.
dallas came up with the two girls, makayla and abby. abby is now 7 weeks and is just so adorable, everyone got a nurse and mum just couldn't help herself when she cried she had to go and give her a cuddle, lol.

today is actually the birthday day, i sent along 26 iced mini muffins to school for al of shanice's class and about 16 spare uniced ones for the teachers at morning tea. tanya got a good giggle out of that one when i send i had to bring ones in for them too.
then for dinner tonight, shanice wanted just the four of us to go out to dinner as a family. shanice invited nay (aka mandy, my sister) which was just lovely. we headed up to spurs at penrith which the kids just love and we had a fantastic meal. i came home and sent a text to mandy saying i felt so sick cause i ate far too much, funny thing she felt the same, lol.
as per normal with every birthday in the sheppard-morris household shanice was spoilt rotten by me and anthony. we only said 1 present that turned into about 8, lol. so i don;t forget shanice got:
* Pixel Chix 2 storey house
* Pixel Chix car
* Littlest pet shop picnic bobby heads
* Daddy's Girl necklace, bracelt & ring
* Veronica's cd
* funky purse
* Princess bookmark
* Happiness Angel beanie bear
here's a pic of us, well ant, shanice and connor very, very, very this morning enjoying her presents.

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