Monday, 5 March 2007

busy, busy......

We've had a very busy, busy weekend here. I think my head is still spinning from it all. i really should be right now doing housework & washing but it will still be there tomorrow & the next day.

Thursday was Connor 1st school excursion for this year. Year 1 went to the Sydney Aquarium at Daring Harbour and then to the Imax cinema to watch a 3d movie "the Deep". Connor had a ball and hasn't stopped talking about it.

Friday was Shanice's class assembly. She did so well and i was such a proud mum. I sat in the front row and videoed it for Dad to watch later on when he's back at home. i can say that my girl certainly has rhythm, all these other girls in her class that all go to dance classes and Shanice doesn't and she has more rhythm than them all put together, she gets it from her mum, lol.

Connor went down the farm with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday night for the weekend. So we were in for a quiet one with just one little terror in the house. Shanice decided she wanted to watch my video of Cats (the musical), well she was all over the lounge room pretending to be one of them, it was too cute.

Satruday, well i slept in which i haven't done for a while. did a bit of housework, made a cooked lunch for us all and then drove up to mum's. Shancie and mum went into see dad while i went round to Mandys for dinner. they were having people over for my brother in law, Ben's birthday. It was a great night, i was hoping to be home by about 9pm, but we didn;t end up eating till then so it turned out to be a later one than expected but it was really nice.

Sunday was Clean Up Australia day. I had organised it for this year and i must say, i really quite enjoy doing it. It makes me feel like i've somehow contributed to our community. We did it thru our Guide district and of course Shancie came but we dragged Anthony along too and he enjoyed it as well. It was an awful day though, really muggy with a storm on the horizon that never came. But we got a lot cleaned up and everyone had a great day.

that's Shanice at the front, Bethany behins her and Paris at the back

Connor came home later in the afternoon and we thought that we'd surprize Grandad and go and visit him at the hospital. Well, we succeeded in our mission and Grandad was over the moon the see the kids. We only stayed for just under an hour and that was enough before the kids started going nuts, lol. Dad's doing really well and cant wait to come home and then start treatment again. So we are thinking positive thoughts all the time cause he will get thru all this CRAP!!!!lol.

Last night the storm finally decided to hit and it was awful. The lighting was just constant it was almost like the night had decided to put on it's fluresent lights so it could see, and the thunder - well, scared the crap out of the kids and yes, ME! so we had kids in our bed till about 11.30pm. Anthony read them a story, we stared with The BFG and then decided it was too scary with all that noice going on so he went and got Blinky Bill instead.

This morning I finally went and got some new photo developed, all 232 of them. I haven't had any done since Connor's birthday in November, even no Christmas ones, that's sad! So I can get scrapping now.

well the housework still isn't getting done and i really should do some scrapping!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie
Glad to hear your dad's going well. There's nothing wrong in some positive thinking.Sending you and your dad some right now!!!
Our family has been doing this with my Aunt who is going through the same thing as your dad.She has a long road to travel but we are all there for her.
chin up
Michelle Tondi