Friday, 23 March 2007

2 "sick" kids

lucky me, i've got 2 sick kids home from school today.
both of them woke up this morning with sore tummies and feeling really hot, so being the over-cautious mum that i am i kept them home. well Connor had a quick recovery of about 2 hours and shanice is still in bed. i don't think she's all that sick she just likes to hide from her noisy brother in there.
schools out now and it's back to normal, fighting, yelling and so on. so me thinks they are all better now!
we did do a quick trip to the video shop this morning so they could pick a movie each and i got one for Anthony and I tonight. they picked really old ones that they'd seen before, but it kept them happy for and hour or so.
we had very exciting new yesterday. connor's first tooth finally fell out. it has only taken 3 weeks and has been hanging on by just one corner for all that time. the amount of apples i was giving him just make it fall out was bordering on ridiculous. connor was so excited he ran up to find me in the playground after school and neither of my kids have every done that, so it prooved to be a very exciting occasion.
he came home after guides and dinner at grandma and grandpas and was told to clean his chest of drawers so the tooth fairy could find his specail tooth box. he cleaned it very quickly.
this morning i got woken up to this very excited little man next to my ear whispering "mummy the tooth fairy came and left me $2". too cute!
so when he was feeling better this morning i took photos of his hole.

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Princess Tamara said...

Oh no ... I've got 2 sick kids at home too - luckily they are at home with Daddy while I'm at work! YAY! It was great to catch up with you last night... I can't wait till the retreat!