Friday, 25 August 2006


It's been so crazy around here for the past week, I don't know where to start.
Let me start on Sunday, lol.
We headed up to the gorgeous Blue Mountains for a walk around the Three Sisters. Now this is funny so you can laugh, I certainly do, lol. Mum stayed home this day because her blood preasure was sky rocketing a few days before hand.So there was Me, Ant and Shancie & Connor, Dad, Mandy and Ben, and my cousin Darrell, Linsey, Jordon & Bradley. Mandy & Ben stayed up the top of the Scenic Railroad with Connor, as he was a bit out of sorts from the night before, I think he was a bit fluey.
Shanice was really petrified of the Scenic Railway, even the driver came a spoke to her before hand, but as we were going down, she loved it - typical, lol. Linsey took Bradley back up and the rest of us walked around the bottom to the Three sisters. WELL, we all know how steep those bloody stairs are. Shanice powered off with Dad, Darrell and Jordon and poor Ant was stuck with me who was really struggling. I got half way up and decided I needed to lie down cause I thought I was going to pass out.
Dad didn't know that I was suffering from chest pains about 2 weeks before hand. Dad and Ant were both seriously considering a stretcher or the Westpac helicopter to get me out. But I'd committed myself and I had to do this. So I had an apple, and the sugar rush was great. I ever so slowly dragged my sorry arse up those bloody steps.
Poor lil Shanice didn't know what to do. But I am SO proud of her for climbing all the way up to top.
Needless to say she wasn't feeling so well Sunday night and ended up coming home early on Monday, complaing of vomitting and sore knees.

My brave girl, about half way up the Giant Staircase.

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