Monday, 14 August 2006

happy birthday NAY!!!!

firstly I've pasted my 1000th visitor and they didn't stop by and say who they were :(
but that is a pretty big milestone, saying I haven't had the counter on that long.

It is my little sister birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAY!!!!!! She's only 29, but she's such a kid. I had to make sure that I had lolly bags for everyone for her party, lol. Her excuse is that they are for the kids, but we all secretly know she enjoys it.

My kids had today and friday off school so we could spend it with cousin that is out from England.
This morning I took the kids to the movies to Hookwinked. They enjoyed it and that was the main thing. Then we met at the Mean Fiddler for lunch. The kids had a ball in the playground while we all sat around, drinking and talking. Was a shame that you couldn't find any bar staff when you needed them!

I'm going to back track now...........

Friday we went for a drive up to Woolumbi. For the "imfamous" Dr Jurds Jungle Juice. It is such a pretty drive. The kids had an absolute ball running a muck in the paddock while we had lunch in the beer garden. We wondered around the ooooooohhhhhhh..... 3 shops that are in the main street. We saw loads of wild kangaroos on the drive home, which was great for the relo's to see.

Shanice and I spent the night at Mandy's and Connor wanted to stay with mum and dad. Now they believe me that Connor's snoring is terrible. I kid you not I can here him in the shower when he is at the other end of the house. I think I can see a trip to the doctors coming along very shortly.

Saturday we all went to the Reptile Park at Gosford. We love it there and go at least once a year. My kids are still petrified of the spider exhibit and wont go in and the snakes we have to go in the exit as the are so scared of the giant crocodile pharoh - don't ask!!!
We saw all of the shows even the Eric the Crocodile feeding one. I've never seen it before. The guy that runs all the shows does love the sound of his own voice though, lol.

Well I'd better upload some piccies then.........

ok blogger is having issues and will only let me upload 1 photo, so I'll try and do the rest tomorrow.

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Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Mandy ;) Hope you had a GREAT day and got very spoilt. Lolly that is not so silly, but I would want Darrell Lea lolly bags, lol.

Have a GREAT time with your family Kylie.
Trac x