Sunday, 6 August 2006

50 layouts, the card and relo's

So many things today which are just total rambelings.

I counted all my layouts last night and I've done 50 this year. Snaps for me, lol!!!!! I've reached my goal. Now that is an achievement I didn't think I'd accomplish.

I finally got around to doing my card from last nights cyber crop. You had to use the scraps from the 3rd layout ("having much more fun than monkies" lo). Yep, quick, simple and easy, just how I like my cards.

I dragged my sorry arse out of bed this morning at 11am only because the phone ran. Ant was at work earning some extra cash for his stint up at Surfers this weekend (4 days he's going for). He turns 30 on Tuesday and for his 30th he wants to go away with his mate because he didn't have a 18th, 21st or bucks night. Well that's his excuse anyway, lol. And to be honest if that's what he'd like then that's fine by me, I have now worries about him going at all. His mates wife on the other hand cant trust her husband as far as she can throw him.

Oh yes, I am rambling, lol. I had to wait until Ant got home cause he forgot his house keys and I thought I'd go grocery shopping with both the kids. Big mistake, they promised to be well behaved and they were the opposite which I should have expected. I thought while I was out I may as well go to Officeworks and get the stamp that mum wanted me to pick up for her and while I was there I look for Uni-ball Signo pens. I got 2 limited editions art sets in pink and blues (5 per pack) they are so YUM!!!!

Other things ............. My cousin arrives from England tomorrow with his wife and 2 children. I haven't seen my cousin since I was 3 so the next 3 weeks will be interesting. I am looking forward to meeting them all and getting to know them. I think it's really important for my kids because the only extended family they know from both sides of the family are my sister and Ants sisters and that's where is stops. I'm first generation Australian from my side and my kids are first generation Australian on Ant's side. It will be nice to show them a sense of family.

Anyway, that's enough. I don;t think I'm making any sense and I still have to go and get lunches ready before I crash and get up in about 6 hours, not to mention the 4 or 5 times I get up beofre that with the kids.................

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