Saturday, 4 December 2010


With summer now here we thought it would be great to hitch up the camper and go camping on the weekends. I did a little research for some national parks that allowed camper trailers and found a tops one up the central coast right on the beach. I rang Dal to see if they would be keep to bring along their camper too. And the date was set!
So, last weekend we were packed and on the road at school pick up. Freeway was clear of traffic and we arrived with heaps of light to set up. Dal & Stu arrived a little later. Once the campers were done and kids in bed it was time to crack open the lollies and vodka! Let's just say I was a bit under the weather the next morning.
Saturday was definitely a beach day. It was sunny with not a cloud in the sky and not too hot. The kids lathered themselves in suncream and i put some on my shoulders and back (forgetting my arms and face, so now you know where i got burnt). It was a little windy, but that wasn't stopping us. Birdie Beach was calling us this morning. The kids took their boggie boards and had a great time using them in the water and sliding down the sand dunes. Stu took the kids out on the surfboard and Shanice stood up on her second wave! The kids a natural..... I wonder if she'll be a goofy foot like her mother? Connor had a go to but was to busy enjoying the ride than trying to stand up. And I have it all on video
We stayed a couple of hours then went back to the campers for lunch and a rest. When it got a little cooler we drove around to Fraser Park to check out the beach bottles! But that didn't stop the kids. this is when I cracked out the camera and went a little crazy taking photos.
Dinner time came and went and then the kids all crashed from their busy day.... and the adults weren't too far behind, lol.
Sunday morning we had to pack up early cause Connor had to be back home for a birthday party by lunch time. We had such ba great time camping with Dal, Stu and the girls, we cant wait to do it again.

Shanice hanging out the trucks window
JUMP!!!! go Connor
Connor, Abi, Makayla and Shanice
Connor - I wonder if the water was as cold as he looks
A windblown Shanice
Makayla, not as windblown
Abi, really didn't want her photo taken
Going boogie boarding
Connor almost loosing his board in the wind
Shanice, just a natural in the water
Love this pic of Makayla building sand castles
Stu giving Shanice surfing lessons

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