Friday, 10 December 2010


This is what Hunter says to you when it's your birthday "Happy, Happy"
Today was Hunter's 2nd birthday:)
Because the kids are already on holidays we were able to jump in the car and head over to Mandy's for a birthday lunch.
Hunter had a great time opening presents and eating cake. I do believe we sang happy birthday about 5 times to him and blew out birthday candles about 30. He was having so much fun.
Mandy had invited her bestie, Natasha with her two cherubs - Sarah & Harry, mum & Dawn, and Mandy's neighbour from upstairs, Mary.
We are having a big birthday party on Sunday at Homebush and I cant wait to see Hunters face when he opens the present from us, all those years of noisy toys from my sister and it's finally pay back time, lol.

Playing with his new toys with Connor

Being the great mum she is, Mandy made Hunter a Thomas cake for his 2nd birthday, and it turns out this a little tradition. Mandy made the same Thomas cake for Connor's 2nd Birthday

As I'm standing on the chair taking a photo of the cake I found this little person climbing up me to see what I was doing:)

HOORAY!!!!! everyone clap for me

Blowing out the candles the first time

A picture with mum and Mackenzie

Shanice and Mackenzie

Beautiful bubba girl

Eating cake..... well wrapping it up in a baby wipe, unwrapping then eating..... too cute!

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