Sunday, 25 October 2009

stuff & photos..... lots of photos

well, the holidays are over and we are now back into swing of normality
so much happened that i'm not going to bore you as we'll be here forever.....
though i will do a picture run down of the last few days, lol
Wednesday 14th October
Me and the kids went to watch Hunter do his swimming lesson and then headed up to the chicken shop up the central coast.
I must have looked like a mad woman taking photos right outside of Ingham Chickens but it is so gorgeous on the green grass and hills.
Hunter loves it when i pull my camera out - he loves to chase me and grab the lense.
this girl - my little girl - is growing up far too fast
chasing me again - how can you resist that gorgeous smile
Thursday 15th October
After taking Connor to the doctors thinking because he cant hear me and was talking so super loud. But no middle ear infection in sight.
We headed to Belle's house up the mountains for a day of full on scrapping.
I do believe there were at least 2.5 kids per adult!
I had a few minor mishaps thanks to girls being girls but i did stay all day and got some serious layouts complete.
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th October
We headed down the farm at lunch time for the weekend.
Shanice and Anthony were looking forward to going for a hoon on the quad bikes.
And the biggest child of them all - trying so hard to get some pathetic air!
Sunday 18th October
the last day of the school holidays. we knew we'd get stuck in some nasty traffic heading home from the farm, so we decided to get up early and come home via the coast.
Bateman's Bay was our first stop and then headed up to Ulladulla, Nowra and Kiama then onto home.
It was the most stunning day and we had a great time driving and enjoying our company.
having a ice cream at the markets at Batemans Bay
lunch at Ulladulla

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