Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hunter Valley retreat

I had the pleasure of hosting our very first Scrap Girls Hunter Valley retreat last weekend.
It was very small group with limit numbers of 15 ladies.
We had the most fabulous time. We started off with a little wine tour on the Friday afternoon which only saw us seeing one winery, but after we tasted such fabulous PINK champagne we really didn't need to go anywhere else.
Belle came along and cooked for us. I think we all wanted to wrap Belle up and take her home with us to be our own personal cook! Look your work Belle :)
Saturday and Sunday saw us scrapping in the cutest little barnstay. It had such amazing picturesque views.
I would definitely say YES to another Hunter Valley retreat, but maybe somewhere that wasn't so open to nature, lol.

I even got to do a little scrapping myself........ i know........ that certainly doesn't happen at retreats for me!

looking down from one of the lofts onto the 2 areas in which we scrapped away.

mmmmm..... pink champagne and cheese on the verandah

Group photo on an original Cobb & Co coach

a little bit of craziness

and lastly......... an special photo in memory of NIC!
wish you were there huney.


Susan Longman said...

Looks like fabulous fun and the layouts are gorgeous ...did you do the "cause thing" ...

Nicole aka nicrus said...

OMFG! You nut cases! I love it! roflmao... xxx