Sunday, 22 November 2009

Class #1 - the complementary card class.....

i know it's been ages to I'm not even going to try and back track...... so moving forward.....

a few weeks back i decided i wanted to go a do a few scrapping classes, something that was different and that i didn't have to think to much about. well...... after looking around at some online stores and some local scrappy stores nothing took my fancy, they we either too expensive for what you got or just crap! i know how that sounds, really bitchy, but i didn't want to pay out money to do a class where i could create something better at home.

so i managed to con a few friends into joining me, which really wasn't too hard to do as they all thought it was a TOPS!!! idea, lol. We would create our own little classes at home, getting together once a month with a set kit and create the same project.

Today was our first "class". We wanted to start off easy so cards was on the agenda. We pinched ideas from books and magazines and from each other.

We ate yummy food and chatted about all sorts of stuff and had a great time doing something fun with friends.

Here are a few piccies of our little creations.

Cant wait till next week when we will be doing our Kaiser wooden advent calendar.

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