Thursday, 1 October 2009

Warm, Sunny, Gorgeous CAIRNS.........

For mum's 60th birthday she didn't want a birthday party (although she got a surprise one anyways) all she wanted was for her family to go with her to Cairns.
It was a hard decision for me to make, do i go by myself and leave Anthony & the kids behind OR do i miss out and disappoint mum. About 3 weeks before the holiday i decided that i would go, by myself without the kids and without Anthony. It almost killed me!
But we couldn't afford for all 4 of us to go and it was important to spend that time with mum and mandy and bond with my gorgeous baby nephew :)
We fly up early on the Monday morning - 14th sept 09. I got to have Hunter on my knee for the take off, Mandy was busily having a little panic attack cause she hates the first part of the flight.
I'd forgotten just how gorgeous Cairns is. It was in 2000 that i was last there, for our honeymoon.
Mum had rented a house/villa one street back from the beach at Palm cove. About 100metres from the local pub and 200 metres from the beach itself. The house was only 2 bedrooms which is all we needed and it had it's own pool. Now i DONT do swimmers (togs, cossies, bathers - whatever you want to call them), but in the heat up there I might just take the plunge.
We planned a few trips for while i was up there and spent a few days just walking around Palm Cove and lazing around our pool.
So instead of me boring you with my long winded verse of events, how bout i do it in photos?
Hunter trying on his first pair of Havainas.
Tuesday - we went to Hartley's Crocodile Adventures
The place has been completely redone since we went in 2000. But Sollie the Croc, that was named after the dog he ate, was still there and that made me happy
Yes, it was my idea to put hunter in the mouth of the Croc!
we went on a little boat ride and saw a little croc feeding too
We saw another croc feeding in a big enclosure.
This photo was taken right under my feet and was not zoomed in at all. 2 male croco's having a barney.
Needless to say i moved pretty quickly around the boardwalk after i took a few shoots first.
Thursday - saw us going on the Kuranda Scenic Railway
While in Kuranda I spent a small fortune on some cute little finds. A gorgeous jewelery box, a glass dragon for Anthony, a too cute silver flower ring and some souvenirs for the kids.
We also went to the Butterfly house. It was just gorgeous inside. I wish the blue ones would have stayed still long enough for me to take a photo though.
Mum took Hunter back down to Cairns on the train while Mandy and i went on the Skyway.
I actually found out that i really dont like being that high off the ground especially when the wind picked up and started swaying the gondola!
We got out and had a look round at the 2 stops and did some stupid tourist things
Like this!
There is also one of Mandy being a bush turkey too!
Yes ....... i made her stand like that......but she still stupidly did it
Friday we went to CoffeeWorks........
I just had to stick Hunter in the with all the coffee trees to take photos.
Now i know what they look like!
Hunter on a cart with roasted coffee beans
I was in heaven in the museum part if the place........ so many teapots and coffee pots........ now i need to collect these as well as my tea cups.
What can i saw..........
Sometimes i do wonder if we have the same dna!
I had such a great time
It was exactly what i needed

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