Friday, 2 October 2009

family day

This year we were lucky and got invited to Coke's family day.
Joh had raved about how much fun it was and we couldn't wait. Of course it was the day after i flew back in from Cairns.
It was a gorgeous sunny day. We walked in there were so many rides to go one and food to eat. The kids didn't know where to start.
The Sizzler ride (know by me as the Cha Cha) was their favourite and after about the 10th time they went on it i lost count. It got to the point the men just let kids stay on instead of getting in line again.
Connor did drag me on the dodge 'em cars. Which i hate - dont know why, i just do! After that he conned John to take him on.
The kids filled themselves with endless supplies of ice cream, soft drink, fairy floss and popcorn.
By 3pm i was exhausted and was a good thing it was home time.
Cant wait for next years.

Connor and Riley racing on the Giant Slide

Shanice concentrating

Shanice took Caleb on the cups and saucers, which he thought was just TOPS!!!!

Connor & Riley on the Sizzler - AGAIN!!!

Me and Connor on the Sizzler - yep, once was enough for me

Connor on the surfboard ride - he only lasted enough for 5 photos

Ethan, Brittney and Shanice

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