Wednesday, 18 February 2009

shanice made THIS....................

all by herself.................. no i'm not kidding

as part of year 5's homework this week they had to cook the recipe for Weetbix Slice. last week they had to write a recipe. it has something to do with following procedures.
I stood in the kitchen with Shanice and supervised......... that's it, she did it all by herself.
She got all the ingredients out, measured everything, spilt brown sugar everywhere and cleaned it up, stirred, melted butter, turned on the oven, pressed the mixture into the pan, put it in the oven (using an oven mit of course), got it out of the oven, read in the recipe perfectly.
I was just there to talk her thru it when she asked.
can we tell i'm having a proud mummy moment. hopefully she takes after her aunty and is a better cook than me!
all the kids had to take some slice into school today for the teacher to taste and the best one get a special award. we added melted chocolate to the top........... so i reckon that's a winner :)

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Tracy said...

Looks YUM Shanice :) Well done to you for making this all by yourself!!! You will have to learn how to make Nay's ice-cream cake thingo!!! Mmmm Mmmmmm.