Sunday, 22 February 2009

rain, hail & smiles

well.................... didn't it pour up at mums yesterday?
connor, pat and i had drove thru a smallish shower, but an hour after getting to mums the rain came down and then the hail followed............ no ordinary hail mind you ................ massive, cricket ball size hail.
the storm was unbelievable. we thought it had stopped and then the hail and rain and wind started again.
Shanice was absolutely terrified and was on the verge of hysterical - sweating and hyperventilating!
but it passed and then i went to check the damage to the truck and there is hardly any hail dents! i cant believe it! was expecting massive damage and broken windows it was that bad.
here is the evidence towards the end of the storm
My girlfriend Dallas called into mums on her way home from seeing here dad up the coast. I love chatting to Dal and her girls are just too precious.
every time we do a clean out of shanice's older toys that she has outgrown, Dal and the girls always het first dibs. yesterday we had a massive garbage bag full of My Little Pony - ponies and playsets. the girls just loved them. and i'm so pleased they will be loved and not chucked out.
here is a pic of the token "Hunter Sleeping" photo :)
i just cant get enough of my gorgeous nephew!
shanice and hunter just before bed time.
today was mum and dad's 40th wedding anniversary (Ruby). it was a day of mixed emotions but mostly good new ones and this is a new beginning for us all now.
we decided that we couldn't;t let the day pass unnoticed so we took mum out for lunch to the cafe at Flower Power Glenhaven.the kids love it as they can play indoors and the food is good, even though the drink service is a tad slow.
the camera is always on hand when we go here as it has become a bit of a tradition to walk around the pond and take photos. here are my ones from today.
well that's it for tonight.............. i have a HUGE day tomorrow - I'm going to start back reading for the kids at school then it's off to coffee with the mums, run a million errands, come home to return phone calls, an after school meeting with shanice's teacher and then movies with hubby .
I managed to talk Anthony to seeing "He's just not that into you"!!!!! god i hope it's not too girly as I'll never hear the end of it, lol

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