Monday, 9 February 2009


ho hum.
i was so wanting to do a blog post today but i am feeling wiped, drained and sad in my heart. Every time i flick on the tv or radio even the computer, there is the news about the Vic fires and i feel so sad for all those people who have lost everything.

it is just so awful............
With all that sadness i didn't want to post bout all my good fortune as it just seems to be a bit of a slap in the face.

We got Shanice's birthday present last week and while we were there we got me a little surprise too................... my new baby. and i just LURVE her.
they said the weekend was going to be scorchingly hot, so in preparation we decided to spend the entire weekend in the house with all 3 air conditioners on, lol. but that wasn't exactly the case
Friday night after school was swimming lesson night. Nic rang me earlier in the day and said i HAD to bring my swimmers cause it's too bloody hot! So i did. I was a little scared as me and bathing suits don't really get along. It was so nice in the water.
After the kids lessons we went back to our house for a BBQ. The kids all played really well together and it was shame they had to go home, so next time we'll set a date so we can do it for longer.
Nic invited me back to her house for some scrapping with her and Sharon. I wasn't told that Pj's and slippers were a prerequisite! I did a layout which was good and went spent a lot of time out the back watching the storm and chatting.
Ant spent Saturday morning working when i got a phone call from Miss Trac to say that her new puter wasn't working and if Ant could talk her through it. Instead of talking we decided to go for a drive. the kids all played in the pool, Ant fixed the puter and me and Trac chatted. a great way to spend the afternoon.
I took my new baby to show her and took a few test shots too.
Not bad, saying i had no idea what i was doing, lol
Miss Fliss came home with us for a sleep over.
Sunday morning we decided to head out and look at camper trailers early before it got really hot. Ant had found a great one that we both really liked the day before, so now it was a matter of comparing.
By lunch time we got home just before the heat of day. Later on Trac cam back up to pick up Fliss and Mum and Mandy brought Connor home.
well out came the camera and i gave it a good christening with all the pics i took of Hunter. He's such a cute subject - he doesn't move much and doesn't whinge and complain about all the pics I'm taking, lol
having a little swim
having a bath
big smiles for Shanice
giving Aunty Love
well.................... after some thought and comparing we bought the 1st camper we saw today and we pick it up on Saturday. Can't wait. we'll hopefully test it out in a few weekends time.

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