Wednesday, 25 February 2009

it's FINALLY here.........................

I've been waiting soooooooooo long for this to arrive

my FAV tv show ever
Nip/Tuck Season 5 - YAY!!!!!!
i wonder what christian will be up to in this short season (due to bloody writers strike!)
Plus i got 2 of my favourite movies that you cant get here in AUS at the moment

Today was the kids swimming carnival.
shanice told me at the beginning of the school year she didn't want to go and i didn't want to force her as neither of my kids have a competitive nature and even though they could out swim most of the kids in the entire school they just aren't interested in racing. So i let them stay home.
some might think I'm a bad mum for making this decision, but quite frankly i don't care :)
Shanice's bestie came over for the day as she wasn't going either, so we went to the movies and saw Hotel for Dogs. The kids loved it.

we did a bit of shopping while we where out too........
I got a new Guess handbag - well i actually got it yesterday, Anthony bought it for me as a "happy anything day" pressie
i just added the cupcake keyring to it while on our ventures today. it's also a mirror - too cute!

when i bought the cupcake keyring i couldn't resist this gorgeous cupcake earring holder.
It's so me, lol

the shop i got these from had some really nice stuff and i could have gone insane. i did buy the girls some cute tubs of lip gloss.

I got 3 sets of the pj's below
They are for the Scrap Girls Pink pyjama party at the March retreat. i got a set for me, trac and sherri.
we'll all match with our pj's, slippers, eye masks and pink frangipani hair clips :)

dont know if i mentioned it, but Connor started karate this year. he has been wanting to do it for about 2 years now but could find a good local place to try and we just got too busy. well........... shanice's bestie goes to a great place, so Connor joined.
today i picked him a karate outfit. and i think he looks too cute

before i go and have a shower before LOST starts i want to send and ENORMOUS cyber hug out to MISS TRAC. luv you hunnie

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