Wednesday, 4 February 2009


arrrrgggghhhhh................. i had my whole day planned out perfectly today! And it went totally pear shaped.
I dropped the kids at school which was fine, popped into woollies to get a few groceries and then came home which is when everything went ARGH!
I haven't been sleeping real well lately so i was a bit tired so i thought to myself i grab some breakie and sit and watch foxtel for half an hour before starting my list of things to achieve.
WELL................... i fell asleep on the lounge. slept through 2 house call, 2 mobile phone calls, 1 message and Animal Planet!There went my morning.
I got up all flustered to find an email from Mandy wanting me to put piccies of Hunter on her Facebook page. Bad Idea!!!!
I then got totally devoured by Facebook and it was 1pm before i surfaced, lol. I did get all of the pics loaded though and chatted to a friend.
Now i am sitting here writing this thinking to myself - you know what, i can do all of my jobs tomorrow!

Here are a few random piccies of some new yummy things.
How cute are these little guys
This is my pirate duck. I've had him for ages but he sits next to my new cupcakes so i took a pic of him too - blurry and all
2 new Pandora's
Last week Anthony came home with the ball with Mother of Pearl hearts. Just because he could! God love him.
And yesterday he left to go away for work till Friday. Connor is really struggling with his anxiety at the moment and it is taking all of my strength to get thru the days, and Anthony not being here to support me at the end of the day is even more difficult. So yesterday before he left he both me the "Faith, Hope and Charity" charm. and like he said 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
My hubby is getting romantic in is old age and I'm starting to like it.
Tomorrow Miss Trac is coming up for a vistit while the kidlets are all at school. I'm really looking forward to the chat with no distractions around, lol.

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Maevan said...

Tag! You're it

I also got you the cutest skull stamp - it has a bow and I need to know where to send it