Wednesday, 28 January 2009

normality awaits.....

tomorrow my little cherubs go back to school.
Hardly seems worth it for 2 days of the week then the weekend.
the anticipation has set in and shanice is now feeling "unwell" and cant sleep. i can't believe my big girl is going into Year 5 and will be 10 in a few weeks................
Connor is super excited as he hopes that he will have Mrs Donelly cause he has the biggest crush on her and has since kindergarten.
as for me................. the sleep ins are over.................. but i'm looking forward to the year ahead of us. we need more structure in our routines and that is one of my goals for 2009.

today we spent a few hours at the swimming pool with a group of mums from school which was great. then it was home because our special visitors were arriving.............. Nan, Nay and Hunter!
Shanice's wort's all came off during the holidays after 8 months of her wearing socks constantly - even to bed. so as a big treat she got to pick out a whole new wardrobe of new open toed shoes. She was so brave and patient thru the whole ordeal - poor bugger.
Then it was back to normal after school activities. I took shanice to her lesson with Lauren while mum, Mandy, hunter and Connor went home to start dinner.
After our lovely dinner which included Pat and Michael coming over too we headed over to swimming, again, for shanice's lesson. Mandy took Hunter in for a big swim while mum, me and Pat watched.
we've had a great last day of the summer school holidays
i'll be back tomorrow with good OR bad news in regards to the kids teachers :)

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