Wednesday, 7 January 2009

daytripping to IKEA

monday morning saw us raising early to get to IKEA dead on 9am only to find out that they don't open till 10am, lol
Anthony had a flexiday and i had a rather long shopping list. so the ute was going to be doing what it was meant for!
Can i just say now - i lurve IKEA. i wish i could have spent all day browsing and dreaming, but with hubby and 2 wild children in tow is was much to sticking to my list.
i needed :
* a bookcase for my office
* shelves for Connor's room
* lamp for the backroom
* chest of drawers for Shanice's room
* and 2 bedside tables for each of the kids rooms

well, we came home with more.
* Connor got a wall until instead of shelves
* shanice got her chest of drawers and bedside table
* i got my bookcase, with pink boxes
* i got my lamp for the back room - a gorgeous wall mounted one in a yummy green to match my walls
* then as a bonus we got another square box unit with pink boxes for the TV in my office AND another gorgeous green lamp for my office too!
plus a stack of other bits and pieces. It was a sight seeing me push one trolley, the kids push the other trolley and Anthony ride down the isles on the furniture trolley with 180kg of furniture on it, lol

here is what my office is starting to look like:

please ignore ugly blue boxes - Anthony popped them there until i can back to IKEA next week to buy some more :)

We were on a time limit as the beautiful Miss Trac was coming up for a visit and for her kidlets to meet hunter. We all have lovely big cuddles.

The past few days have been stiflingly hot! I've had massive heat headaches, well that's what i call them anyways. the kids have pretty much lived in the pool.
Shanice has a friend sleeping over tonight. It's so funny to watch them because if you didn't know you'd believe they were sisters. They look identical, same age & height, talk the same and think the same - it's rather scary. they've been busy doing all things girly like doing their hair and make up, which is very cute.

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Tracy said...

I love that photo of Lauren!!! LOL
Looking forward to tomorrow :)
I have a pressie for you on my blog
Trac x