Thursday, 22 January 2009

9 years

today is mine and Anthony's 9th wedding anniversary.
both of us are still in a little shock that we have made it this far, the odds have certainly been stacked against us. but as each year passes our relationship grows stronger.
this is getting soppy, but i do love him to bits.

we didn't do presents this year as we decided to go away - the trip to dubbo. and, yes we took the kids because shanice was there at our wedding and we think Connor was too :)

he gave me the sweetest card, it even made me cry!

Sometimes it's not enough just to say "I love you."
Even though i do love you, i feel i need to
express more, because there is so much more
to our relationship.....

Sometimes i need to tell you
you're the love i live for,
you're my dream made into reality.
Your are the arms that
hold me close,
and it is your smile that brings
a ray of sunshine
to even the darkest of days.
You are the one who tells me
to keel believing in myself,
in you, and in us.

You have become a part of me
i could never live without,
and as long as you care,
i'll be here for you.
I'll do anything for you.
This is a special time in our lives,
because we are sharing it together,
I love you.

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Nicole said...

Congratulations you 2. May you always be dizzy with love.