Tuesday, 20 January 2009


thursday we headed off to Mudgee.
I'd never been to Mudgee before and it is such a lovely country town. i'll definitely be going back there for a longer visit.
of course, thursday was that stiflingly hot 40 odd degree day and i thought i was going to die of heat exhaustion, i even considered buying swimmers to go in the hotel pool. but, being a country town no shops were open late, so i had to just sit on the edge of the pool :)
we headed to one of the local pubs for dinner and OMG i was in food heaven. it was so scrummy. i had Atlantic salmon with creamy garlic prawns. it was divine!
of course after dinner it was time for another swim and then off to bed. this is where i found the kids
in there bedroom, not fighting, watching shanice's portable dvd player - too cute. i just hoped the non-fighting business kept up.
Anthony had a meeting to go to for work on friday, so the kids and i hung out at the pool, watched foxtel and i did some scrapbooking. when anothony got back just it was off to dubbo.
had to take this picture :)
it was still really hot when we arrived so of course, the kids went swimming. We had booked into the nicest hotel in dubbo and opted for the serviced apartments that way we had bedrooms and a kitchen, just in case i felt like cooking!
nope, i didnt want to cook so we got a bbq chook instead.
because of the heat, i was getting so frustrated with my hair that i carried on to find a decent look hairdresser so i could get it all chopped off. well, for me 5 inches is getting all chopped off! it's now a more manageable length.
Saturday was ZOO Day. turns out we had been blessed with perfect weather - warm but with a cool breeze. we headed off 5 kilometers down the road to the zoo.
we had decided that we were going to walk around the zoo. we didn't want to drive round or hire bikes cause you had to keep getting on and off, and it was such a great day to be walking. we got 2 kms round then decided to cut back thru the middle and see all those animals and then get the truck, lol. well, there wasn't all that many cool animals on the second half!
i got some great piccies, well i think so anyway, all 300 of 'em
here are just a few
this is a cage of how they transport the rhino's
Connor did this NOT ME! and it was far too funny not to take a picture of. even the other people around us were laughing
the flying fox. i had to test it out first though before the kids, lol. anthony decided to video tape that one, lol. it needs to be censored for little ears
at every exhibit they have a sign about the animal with all types of information. WELL, at each and every animal i made my kids stand in front of the sign and have their picture taken. it got rather painful towards the end. i can see a mini album coming one :)
we were all exhausted after our big day out. but it was so worth ever minute and we all had a great time. i came home and had to have a little nanna nap before dinner. the kids were even too tired to go swimming!
we made reservations to have dinner at the hotels restaurant which is super fancy. i was a bit concerned that my noisy troops might not be well behaved, but i was so proud of them, they ate all their dinner, didn't fight and were very polite! i was starting to think they weren't my kids, lol. i had another scrummy dinner. i started with oysters kilpatrick and then onto tuscan Camembert chicken - YUM!
sunday was home day. it was sad to be going home, we'd all had such a great time.
i was feeling a little nauseous and dizzy which made for an interesting 5 hour drive home. we did stop a few time though so the break was good.
i made anthony stop at this gorgeous lookout where you can see the widest canyon in the world - well that's what the sign said.
you can't see the canyon from this shot but it's just off to the left!
well, that was our trip to dubbo.

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Tracy said...

Awesome piccies Luvie ;) Glad you guys had such a great time.
See you soon :)
trac x