Monday, 3 September 2007

busy, busy, busy

So what's new in the Sheppard-Morris household. It certainly doesn't stop here, lol.
The weather has been absolutly gorgeous in the past week and the kids have just loved playing outside. In true Spring fashion we took a little trip to bunnings to pick some gardening stuff in the vain attempt to make a pretty spring garden. The kids have taken it upon themselves to claim it as their own and are doing well at looking after the new herb planter box.
Yesterday was Father's Day and with Anthony's parents jet setting across Wales and America for the next seven weeks we spent the day up at my parents. It was a glorious day and in the perfect light i ran around like a mad woman snapping away at anything that remotely smiled in my direction.
Connor helping make lunch
Giving my sister Mandy a pedicure with a kids chalk duster, lol!!!
The Holden blimp flew right over head. Look at that sky!
Family photo time. Now you know where Connor gets his crazyness from.
Note to self - need to photoshop the colour, too dark and shadowy!

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