Monday, 10 September 2007

another year older.......

i tried so hard to convince my kids that the reason we were having a long weekend in Sydney this weekend was because it was mine and nan's(my mum) birthday!!!!! They soooooo didn't believe me, lol.
But how nice was it of the government to be thinking of me LOL!!!!!!!giving me and mum and extra day to celebrate.

I was lucky enough to be born on my mum's birthday many years ago. And i just love that i can spend my day sharing it with my most favourite person in the world.

this year was extra specail as dad was still here and he sung happy birthday to us.
even though it rained most of the day, it was a lovely day to spend it with my whole family.
i was totally spoilt rotten. i can't believe how much i was spoilt. just so can remember (cause i'm bound to forget by next week) this is what i got:
* Nip Tuck Season 4 has just left the states and should be here in the next couple of days -YAY!!!!! so can't wait
* "How to kill your husband and other handy household hints" book from the kids
* dvd of primal fear from the kids (love that movie)
* hair straightner from my sister
* sister magnets from - my sister
* hair stuff from my sister
* an invitation to High Tea from Mandy (so cant wait as i've been dying to go)
* a gorgeous new black handbag
* an new pair of shoes from mum and dad
* 2 pairs of denim shorts from mum and dad
* a pair of brown cargo type pants from mum and dad
* 5 gorgeous new tops from mum and dad
* a basket full of make up from mum and dad (my mum is like an elephant and remembers the slightly little comments i make like "i'm out of foundation and i need some new lipstick" - god love a')

i was so excited by all my presents that i came home and took a photo of them all, lol

the bestest birthday present of all was my husband giving my mum a brand new $500 bbq. mum was not expecting this and she was so lost for words. but it's just a little something we can give to her for all the things she has done for us over the years. and i know your thinking a bbq for you mum!!!! you see there is a story with the old bbq and thats why she needed a new one, to start some new and happy memories.

The yummy treats my sister whipped up for me and mum
From Angelic to scary! in 3 seconds flat, lol
not many piccies from the day as i was too busy enjoying every minute of it!


Alison J said...

Happy Birthday Chicky!! Glad you had a good one.
Your sister is a bit of a cake legend!!

sheree said...

happy birthday again hon for the 9th ROFLMAO LOL.... hope you enjoyed both your days LOL...

take care

PS ill remember next year you watch...