Thursday, 6 September 2007

a luna eclispe (yes i know it was last week, lol)

I'm a bit slow............
This term Shanice has been studying Space. She has been thriving on it which is so great for you self esteem. And as luck would have it while they are studying space we are lucky enough to encounter a luna eclispe.
So last tuesday night every 10 minutes me and kids snuck out into the back yard to see the moon changing. We took a few happy snaps along the way, which turned out well before the moon turned red and then cause it was so dark my little fiji found it difficult to focus on the dark sky. But they were still good shots for shanice to take into school.
The kids loved seeing this amazing thing happening to the moon, and then i had to try and explain it!!! LOL!!! Good thing shanice is learning all about it as she did a better job than me using kids language.

Anyways........ yesterday i recieved an email from my gorgeous sister mandy with some photos from the eclispe. It would seem that a friend from her work had taken these shots from his telescope. They are great, so much better than mine, lol.
So here's a little share.

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