Monday, 1 January 2007

time for those resolutions

i really don't like New Years Resolutions, but i like to think of mine as goals for the year, lol.
so i layed awake last night thinking of what i might challenge myself to do this year.
* not let the mess get me down
* try to exercise at least 3 times a week (i'd like to loose some weight, but hate that as a goal)
* spend more happy time with my kids
* be a better mum and focus on my kids not so much on myself (like when they ask for things or my help - be there not just say i'll do it later)
* be more organised with sending birthday cards (i've written on the calendar and put them in my compter calendar so hopefully it will work, this year i have not sent 1 card - slack)
*i'd like to scrap about 70 layouts (fingers crossed, lol)
* want to set aside special "work" hours for Scrap Girls
* to go on a family holiday to Queesland
* oh yes, to be rich, lol
PHEW!!!! let's hope i can do it.
we went to a friends house for new years last night. Jo put on an amazing spread, i think we'll expect it more everytime we go over now. we had a great time, really relazing, the kids all played really well together.
it got to about 8.30pm and shanice was still really hot with a high temp, so i managed to fob it off for about another hour before i took her and connor home. ant stayed and got a lift home with one of the other couples which was fine with both of us as we aren't real keen on new years.
so, shanice went to bed and connor came in with me. we watch planet earth. i think connor lasted about 2 minutes before he was snoring, lol. so i watched it myself.
i switched the fireworks on just as gretel and dan were saying "3,2,1 Happy New Year", timing!! so i sat there trying to rise the kids and neither stirred, so i decided to sit and watch it alone. then it hit me, and the tears didn't stop. i was so gratful the 2006 was over! it really has been a hard, shit year. all i kept thinking was 2007 has got to be better.
i'm a lot stronger for all the harder times which i am gratful for. and i now know that i can pull us thru just about everything that life decides to throw at us.
so here's to a great 2007. :)

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