Thursday, 4 January 2007

putt putt, tantrums, the mess and goals

so far so good as to how i'm going with those "goals" for 2007.
the mess has dissapeared........ well the mess that mad it impossible to make the bed on hubby's side. yesterday while i was at my mum's he cleaned it all, not totally but at 90% of it has gone, where i don't know but it's not on the floor so i don't care. also about 3 other messes in the house that he made had also dissapeared. maybe ant set new years resolutions too - NAH!!!!!!

the christmas tree came down today. it took me 3 hours cause ant was watching the cricket and my big bum was in the way! besides that i find too much work really exhausting still. i think it was more than tonsilitis.

i also started with another goal too toady. yep i dragged out that exercise bike and rode it while watching a re-run of oprah. god i hate re-runs! but i did it, worked up a big sweat and realised that i've probaly only burnt off the same amount of caleries that are in 1 can of coke and i'd already drunk 2. water for the rest of today i think.

i'm over school holidays! the fighting between my pair is unbelievable. connor's having a another phase atm, he's whinging, squeeling and screaming whenever we say no and it's so getting me down. he's back on the naughty chair for it, which he happily goes too so that's a plus i suppose.
today had connor pulling shanice's hair and shanice punching connor in the face then later both of them biting one another - GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

i'll be glad when school goes back
yesterday while at mum's we went to putt putt golf at dural. mandy came too as she is on holidays this week, which was nice. it rained and we didn't care it added to the excitemnt of it all. then more tantrums were produced in the shops after putt putt and i lost it, put my foot right down i think it went thru the levels of westfield hornsby, lol. the kids were matched out of the shops so quickly mum's and mandys heads were spinning and then there was NO macdonalds. i was hoping they would learn from their attitude, but it was back again today.

so that's me up to date.

Ant's down in Canberra now till sunday. off with the boys at the nat's (summernat's), i hope he takes piccies of the "pretty" cars for me, lol. i can only imagine what they'll get up too, but he'll tell me every juicy bit when he gets home.

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