Tuesday, 16 January 2007

i'm a dag and i dont CARE!!!!

Yep that's right!!!
Before christmas i was all excited because i ordered the 1st season's of Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210. I was a HUGE Melrose fan, don;t think i ever missed an episode and for the past 7 years i've had my name on a waiting list on for the word it was being released. Well excitment plus in my household when i found out it was available. Anthony and the kids thought i was even nuttier than before, lol.

So they arrived at work before christmas and no one told me, so when i went ot work on Saturday i picked them, and that night i watch about 6 hours of Beverly Hills. I know a contradiction to what I said above, but i'd already hired Melrose for the vid shop across the road, lol.

So today is a quiet day, the kids are in the playroom with me PAINTING!!!! i don't cope well with my kids painting, that's what kindies and school are for, lol.
I thought i might attempt to do a bit of scrapping, but i'm liable to get side tracked again. There's even a lo ready to go all picked out laying on the dining room table, just no motivation to do. Plus i pulled out the knitting again, which probably doesn't help the mojo.
The kids are now finished their masterpieces and are harrassing for colouring in off the net. So that's me off to find some spongebob.

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