Wednesday, 10 January 2007

back to normality

doesn't it suck??????
Yep, we all started back at work this week, both Anthony and myself.
I've been off now for 5 weeks cause i was sick before Christmas and then had 3 weeks off over the Christmas break. So it was a little weird going in today. And then to find out that I was going to be alone all day made me feel quite cranky to say the least. I still haven't gotten used to the new computer software (it is that full on it's not funny) and then they added all these passwords and stuff before you can serve a customer, and quite frankly the customer doesn't not want to stand there for 2 minutes while i type in my pasword, then there phone number then their password which i always spell wrong cause you can;t hear them, you can't understand them blah blah blah. Being school holidays and video shop can get quite busy even on beautiful days like today. But i managed, nothing that i would have like to have done got done, but you get that.

Shanice and Connor spent the day with my mum. They conned nanny into to taking them over to Dawns for a swim in the big pool, which they love. It has this huge slippery dip in the deep end which Shanice thinks is wonderful.
Shancie is staying at mum's tonight for a special sleepover and then tomorrow Connor and I will go up cause we're off to the Circus tomorrow night at Gosford which should be fun. The kids love going and haven't been for 3 years i think.

Here's a piccie that i took while down at Tracy's on monday. And yes sheree i will email it to you, lol.

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Belinda Howlett said...

I gosh I DREAD going back on the 29th!!!! 3 days a week is not bad but it will not be easy!!!